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Snow Removal Status
2022 Retaining Wall Project


"  FOYERS, PATIOS, BALCONIES, DECKS, STARIS, STAIRWELLS AND DRIVEWAYS:  A foyer, patio, balcony, deck, stairs, stairwell or driveway (all the foregoing being Limited Common Elements) which is appurtenant to a Unit shall be for the exclusive use of the Unit Owners of such Units.  Any such Limited Common Element shall be kept free and clean of debris, dirt, snow and any other accumulation and maintained by the Unit Owners of such Units. . . ."

Obviously, Longview at Montville provides snow removal under certain conditions and accumulations as further explained below, but these services are not all-inclusive, and are reserved for members in good standing.  (ice dripping from gutters/rooflines should be treated by homeowners with calcium ice melt products please.)

Thanks to all for your consideration!  Please feel free to contact the managers with any questions!



·        Limited snow removal procedures will begin when there is a winterprecipitation accumulation of 2”.  For a2”- 3” accumulation, only roadways will be plowed.  Complete snow removal (including walkways and driveways) will occur ONLY for storms with greater than 3” of accumulation.

·        DURING THESNOWFALL:  Streets, including Revere Court, will be kept free of accumulations. 

·        AFTER THESNOWFALL: The Clubhouse parking lot, common area sidewalks, assigned parking spots, garage driveways, townhouse walkways, and visitor parking areas, in that sequence, will be cleared after the snow stops falling. Garage driveways and walkways will be plowed and shoveled only once in those situations where total snowfall exceeds 3”.  Mail stations, firehydrants and dumpster enclosures will all be cleared.  The contractor has approximately four to five (4-5) hours after snowfall has stopped to complete these areas. The Contractor will have multiple crews performing these services, and is obligated to rotate starting locations.

·        Snow Stakes:  Continuing a long-term vendor relationship, Longviewwill continue to work with Snyder’s Nursery, LLC.  Snyder’s prefers to work with LIMITED placement of snow stakes along some curved Townhouse driveways, and along certain Revere Court sidewalks.  It will be important to leave any snow stakes in place in order to prevent damages to our lawn areas.


  1. IT IS RECOMMENDED, but not required, that Revere Court owners should park their cars in the tree-lined visitor parking areas toward Briar Hill and in the visitor parking along Vreeland Avenue prior to the start of any storm. Cars that are moved can then later be moved to the cleared-out assigned parking spaces.  FOR CARS THAT ARE NOT MOVED, the snow removal vendor will make a best effort to clean around the cars, understanding that snow plows cannot move in between parked cars and must remain a safe distance away from bumpers to prevent damage to vehicles.  This may result in some amounts of snow remaining in the numbered parking spaces.
  2. Townhouse owners must remove any cars parked in the streets to ensure rapid and safe removal of snow. Cars parked in the street during a winter storm and related snow removal run the risk of police department ticketing and/or Association fining.   
  3. Townhouse owners should park their vehicles primarily in their garages and driveways and only after in the visitor parking areas if more parking space is required. (Note: The unit owner is responsible to remove any snow in the driveway areas occupied by their vehicles). Once the streets and garage driveways are plowed, owner’s cars MUST be removed from the visitor parking areas as soon as driveway snow is cleared, or be subject to fines.
  4. The snow removal contractor is NOT responsible for moving vehicles or clearing snow from vehicles, and is NEVER responsible for damage to flower pots, urns, or any other personal items left on the driveways or walkways.
  5. In the subsequent days after completion of snow removal, there may be periods of thawing and freezing. Under these circumstances, the contractor will apply a de-icing agent to all patches of ice deemed dangerous to pedestrians and/or vehicle traffic except on garage driveways and townhouse walkways, which remain the responsibility of the unit owners.*****Please be advised that ROCK SALT is prohibited from use on the property, due to its damaging characteristics.  Calcium Chloride & Magnesium Chloride are acceptable products.*****

Thanks to all for your consideration!  Please feel free to contact the managers with any questions!

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