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Rules & Regulations REV 6/2017


Revised June 1, 2017

Definitions of Common and Limited Common Elements*

"Common Elements" - Means all portions of the Longview at Montville Condominium other than the units.

"Limited CommonElements" - Means a portion of the Common Element reserved for the exclusive use of one or more, but fewer than all of the units, i.e. front porch, patio, deck and driveways.


Longview at Montville Association, Inc.

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Longview at Montville Association, Inc.

Rules & Regulations

The Rules and Regulations set forth in this document are in addition to any rules, regulations or restrictions contained in the Master Deed and By-Laws. In the event of any inconsistency between these Rules and Regulations and the terms of the Master Deed or By-Laws, the terms of the Master Deed and By-Laws will be controlling.


All residents and members of theAssociation ("member(s)") shall treat all employees, agents, representatives and all other members, including without limitation, board members with common decency and respect. No member shall harass, threaten, berate, or intimidate any other member, board member, employee, agent or representative of the Association or act in an abusive or belligerent manner toward any such person. All members must act to promote a friendly community and refrain from creating, promoting, or contributing to a hostile work environment for the Association's employees, agents or representatives. No member shall knowingly act in any manner whatsoever that would adversely affect the Association or its membership through misrepresentations, false statements, or improper complaints to governmental entities. Lack of compliance with this Code of Conduct is subject to action by the Association.


Unit Owners must refer to the Satellite Dish Antenna Packet; which includes a Modification Request Form and a License Agreement Form available in the Management Office, prior to any installation on Common Elements. Unit Owners wishing to install these items must submit a Modification Form through the Management Office for approval prior to any installation on Common Elements.


A. The clubhouse is available for the use and enjoyment of Unit Owners.

B. Reservations for the use of the Party Room must be made at least four (4) weeks in advance with the Longview Management Office located in the clubhouse.

  1. The user fee and security deposit must be paid at the time the reservation is made.
  2. The Unit Owners reserving the Party Room shall execute the then current form of User Agreement.

C. All reservations must be made in the name of the Unit Owner who assumes full responsibility for any damages to the Party Room, and shall be responsible for the function.

D. Reservations for the use of the Party Room do not include the surrounding areas of the clubhouse; the use of the pool; or the pool areas.

E. A gathering of Unit Owners for functions may use the Party room at no charge, if the room is not otherwise reserved. The Unit Owners shall clean up the facility. No outside guests are permitted at gatherings of Unit Owners. A copy of the guidelines regulating these functions is available in the management office. Compliance with these guidelines is mandatory.

F. The capacity of the Party Room is 100 people.

G. Functions held Sunday through Thursday must end by midnight. On holiday evenings, Friday and Saturday evenings, functions must end by 1:00 a.m.

H. Certificates of Insurance covering outside firms performing services at the facility are required demonstrating proof of Contractor's Liability andWorker's Compensation coverage, and must be provided to the management officein advance of the function. Proof of Homeowner's liability and Host Liquor liability insurance coverages are also required. Limits for the foregoing coverages shall not be less than the amount specified in the Use Agreement. These certificates must name Longview, the Board of Trustees, and their respective employees, agents and officers, as additional insured.

I. Unit owners shall be responsible for the behavior of all guests, whether or not invited, and will arrange for admission of all guests to the building in such a way as not to inconvenience or diminish the security of the other residents.

J. The Party Room is not available for business, charitable or political functions, without the express written consent of the Board of Trustees.

K. Pets, except for assistive animals, are not permitted in any areas of the clubhouse.

L. Smoking is not permitted in any area of the clubhouse.

M. No swimwear or bare feet are permitted in the clubhouse at any time.


A. Flagpoles may not be erected in the ground

B. Flags other than the American Flag may not be hung or displayed on the Common Elements or Limited Common Elements of the Condominium at any time.

C. The AmericanFlag may be hung or displayed on the Limited Common Elements and is subject to"any reasonable restriction pertaining to the time, place or manner of displaying the flag that is necessary to protect a substantial interest of the Condominium Association."


A. Each Unit will receive one fob for their personal use. Second fobs or replacement fobs are available for $50.00 each. (Maximum two fobs per unit).

B. Entry to the health center shall be from the side entrance door only.

C. Unit Owners, who wish to use the health club, must provide a signed release and waiver letter to Longview on such forms as Longview may provide, prior to being granted access.

D. Guests will not be permitted at any time.

E. No one under the age of 16 is permitted to use the Health Club. Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 must obtain from and return to the Management Office a Waiver form signed by their parent or guardian prior to any use.

F. Shirts must be worn at all times when using the health club facilities.

G. Swimsuits are allowed in the Sauna and lavatories. Foot coverings must be worn walking to and from these areas.

H. Unit Owners, their residents and tenants, using the health club are responsible for any damage, outside of normal wear and tear, and will be assessed accordingly.

I. Professional trainers may be used for exercise and tennis lessons; provided that:

1. All lessons are with an instructor and up to two unit owners.

2. Copies of appropriate insurance and waiver forms have been submitted for prior approval.

3. That lessons are provided during the following hours:

a. Health Club Weekdays only

b. Tennis Weekdays only

J. As a courtesy to all Unit Owners, when a person is waiting for any equipment, a 30-minute time limitation shall apply.

K. Any infraction of the above provisions can result in forfeiture of Health Club privileges.


A. A part of unit may not be rented at any time.

B. Subleases are not permitted.

C. Rentals may not be for a term of less than (1) year.

D. All executed Leases with the Longview at Montville Condominium Lease Rider and the Rules and Regulations attached must be delivered to the Management Office, prior to a tenant's occupancy. If a Lease and attachments (Rider and Rules & Regulations) are not provided prior to (1) the tenant's occupancy or, (2) expiration of an existing Lease that is being renewed, the Unit Owner is subject to a fine of $25.00 per day for not-compliance.

E. Unit Owners shall be liable for all monetary penaltiesresulting from their tenant's violations of the Condominium Documents or damage to limited common or common areas.

F. Upon commencement of a new or renewed tenancy after October 10, 2011, a tenant or Unit Owner will be required to pay; (a) a refundable security deposit of $1,000.00; (b) a non-refundable move in fee of $250.00; and (c) a non-refundable move out fee of $250.00. Both (a) and (b) must be paid prior to occupancy if a new tenant or upon renewal of a Lease and (c) must be paid prior to the Unit being vacated by the tenant.

G. At least seven (7) days advance notice is required by the tenant to the on site Managing Agent prior to moving in or out of the Unit.

H. All provisions of the Resolution establishing the Longview at Montville Condominium Lease Rider, and the Rider itself, not specified above, are incorporated by reference herein.

I. Any person residing in a Unit for more than 30 days in any 90 day period will be deemed to be a Tenant unless the Unit Owner is able to demonstrate by proof satisfactory to the Board that the person is not a tenant. The claim that any person does not pay rent shall not be satisfactory proof that such person is not a Tenant, unless such person is the Units Owner's child, mother or father.


Moving vans and/ormoving trucks may not park on the driveways or grass areas at any time. Likewise,any similarly sized or multi-axle commercial vehicles are also prohibited from parking on the driveways and grass areas.

Storage pods are not permitted in the street, driveways or grass areas.

Unit Owners assume full responsibility for any damages to the driveway or grass areas resulting from a violation of this rule.


A. No noxious or offensive activities shall be carried on in or upon the Common Elements or any Unit nor, shall anything be done therein, either will fully or negligently, which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the other residents in the Condominium. "Nuisance" isdefined as the disturbance of a person's use of their own property in a mannerthat is injurious to their or other resident's health or safety and"annoyance," means an activity that occurs repeatedly or is of such duration or disturbance that it would cause a person of normal sensibilities to find that it renders their use of their Unit for normal residential uses unpalatable. (See also Montville Township Ordinance Section Chapter 9.0-8.170, "unnecessary noise; improper use of vehicles").

B. No noise shall be permitted on the Common Elements that would disturb the peace of a person of ordinary sensitivity, between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and between 10:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on weekends or holidays.


A. Longview Unit Owners and tenants must park their vehicles either in their garage or driveway at all times.

1. On-street parking is allowed on those designated streets where permitted but, only between marked signs.

2. Clubhouse parking is permitted only when attending a function or visiting the Clubhouse or, using the pool, tennis courts or health club.

B. Guest parking shall be available in designated LINED parking areas THROUGHOUT THE COMPLEX. Unit Owners and tenants of Unit Owners shall not park in LINED areas designated for guest parking or overflow. Upon meeting specified criteria, a parking permit can be obtained from the Management Office to utilize a designated overflow parking area.

C. Parking is not permitted on any unpaved areas.

D. In accordance with Section 3.1.4 of the U.S. PostalService, USPS employee’s access to mail receptacles cannot be impeded. Residents Must NOT park vehicles 15 ft. in front and 15 ft. behind the cluster mail boxes (or the Postmaster may withdraw delivery service).

E. No repairs or maintenance of motor vehicles shall be performed on any Common or Limited Common Element, except that residents may use their own driveways to wash and clean their own vehicles.

F. The following vehicles shall not be parked in any area ofthe community, except within a Unit Owner's garage:

1. Panel trucks

2. Limousines

3. Vans without side windows

4. Vehicles with expired or missing license plates

5. Vehicles with car covers

6. Inoperable vehicles

7. Any vehicle with commercial lettering.

8. A stored vehicle (defined in “F” below).

G. Vehicles may not be stored in LINED guest parking OR OVERFLOW (with or without a permit) areas. A vehicle not moved after a period of four (4) consecutive days will be considered a stored vehicle, and will be towed or booted at the Unit Owner's expense and liability.

H. Any vehicle parked in violation of parking rules may betowed and stored or booted at the Unit Owner's expense, including vehicles belongingto Unit Owner's tenants or guests.

I. Revere Court parking will be by assigned resident spots. All parking must be within the painted lines. It is a violation for a resident to park in another resident's assigned spot, without the consent of said resident. All guest vehicles must park in guest parking spots.

J. Vehicles with "For Sale" signs are prohibited from parking anywhere on the property, other than in garages.

K. Unless actively engaged in the performance of services (permitted Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) within Longview, vehicles containing any commercial lettering/identification or business apparatus, i.e., ladders, tools, plows, racks, etc., are prohibited from parking in a driveway or anywhere on the property, other than in a garage.

L. Boat trailers and boats, recreational vehicles, mobilehomes, vehicles exceeding twenty (20') feet in length (other than a moving van/truck performing service) shall not be permitted in any area of the community.


A. When outside of the unit, all pets must be leashed and kept within 6 feet of their owners; and may not be left unattended.

B. As per Section 105-22.1, of the Code of the Township of Montville, dog must be walked on paved areas only and all solid waste must be immediately removed and disposed of in a sanitary manner. (Waste may not be disposed of in sewers.) In addition, dogs are not to be permitted to soil any driveways; nor may they soil any grassy areas whereby soiling is defined as the disbursement of any bodily (animal) waste.

C. Residents shall take whatever steps are necessary to insure that their pets do not make excessive or untimely noise - as defined in section VII. Noise.

D. Any animal prohibited by law is prohibited in any unit in the community.

E. Pets are not to be tethered on any Common Element.

F. All pets, which the Township of Montville requires to be licensed, must be so licensed. Municipal tags are to be worn at all times.


Badges are required by all owners, residents, tenants and guests while using the Pool facilities. (See Badge Section XVI.)

A. The pool and pool area will be closed and may not be utilized when lifeguards are not on duty.

B. Swimming is prohibited when lifeguards are not on duty.

C. Use of the pool is at the risk of owners, their tenants and guests.

D. Persons using the pool must follow the direction ofthe lifeguards. Failure to obey the lifeguards may result in the suspension of pool rights. The lifeguards have control of the pool and pool area. If any resident disagrees with the judgment of a lifeguard the resident may not ignore the direction of the lifeguard. The resident may register any complaint concerning an action of the lifeguard with management. All residents and guests shall treat lifeguards in a manner consistent with the requirements of Section I of these Rules.

E. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted in the pool.

F. Diving is not permitted.

G. Rafts or any other flotation devises, other than personal swim supports or noodles, are prohibited in the pool.

H. Children under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Failure to adequately supervise children will result in immediate removal from the pool area.

I. Children under the age of (4) and all other children unable to swim must be accompanied in the pool by an adult.

J. Infants/children in diapers must wear waterproof diapers (not disposable) while in the pool. Soiled diapers of any kind shall not be discarded in the pool garbage can(s) or the clubhouse garbage can(s). Diapers must be disposed of at the owner or tenant's unit.

K. Reserving chairs or tables is not permitted.

L. Six Badges are provided per unit. In addition, two guest passes are available per unit for a fee of $5.00 per guest per day.

M. Guests are defined as anyone who is not a full-time resident of Longview, including emancipated children who are not full-time residents.

N. No smoking is permitted while in the pool area.

O. No glass containers are permitted in the pool area.

P. No food may be eaten in the pool.

Q. No swimwear or bare feet are permitted in the clubhouse at any time.

R. Swimwear is allowed in the lavatories. Foot coverings must be worn walking to and from these areas.

S. Cooking is not allowed in the pool area.

T. Pets, except for assistive animals, are not permitted in the pool areas.

U. Everyone at the pool is responsible for picking up after herself or himself, and all garbage must be disposed of in the proper receptacles or taken home.

V. Entranceway or steps into the pool must be kept clear and unblocked at all times.

W. Toys should not be left around the pool. Water guns are not permitted.

X. The pool or surrounding areas may not be reserved/rented by Unit Owners.

Y. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any time around the pool area including but not limited to parties, special events or holidays.

Z. No Lap Swimming will be permitted on Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.


Construction vehicles are permitted in the community between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays. They are not permitted at other times except in an emergency. All exterior repairs shall require prior written approval of the Board of Trustees. No exterior repairs are allowed on Sunday except for emergencies.


A. Each unit will receive one fob for their personaluse. Second fobs or replacement fobs are available for $50.00 each. (Maximum two fobs per unit).

B. Courts will open from 7:00 a.m. until dusk during the tennis season.

C. Proper tennis attire, including shirts and non-marking sneakers are required when on the courts.

D. Court time can be reserved up to two days in advance by signing the board. One hour per day, per unit for singles; and two hours per day, per unit for doubles. (In doubles, a minimum of two of the players must be residents.) Starting time will be on the hour.

E. Court time will be held (10) minutes after scheduled starting time, after which, the court will be deemed vacant. The hour time limit starts with the scheduled starting time, not actual starting time.

F. If other are waiting, maximum time on the court is one hour at a time for singles; and two hours at a time for doubles.

G. No resident may simultaneously be playing on the tennis court and be listed on the waiting list.

H. No guests are allowed unless playing tennis with a resident.

I. Children under the age of fourteen (14) must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

J. Pets are not permitted within the court area.

K. Use of Tennis Courts is limited to Tennis and Pickleball. No other activity is permitted.

L. Pickleball players MUST leave the tennis nets at the set height. The net handles may not bemoved or “put down.” Any court tape or other modification set to denote the pickleball court must be removed after any game. Permanent court markings are not permitted. Court time as outlined in “D.” above, and all other provisions of this section additionally relate to pickleball.

M. Tennis lessons are not permitted from 7-10 a.m. and 5-8 p.m. daily. Tennis lessons are also notallowed on weekends or holidays. The court must be reserved as per Tennis Rule D.

N. Players are required to sign in when entering the courts.

O. Any infraction of the above provisions can result in forfeiture of Tennis Court privileges.


A. All trash collection is subject to regulations as established by Montville Township.

B. For garbage and recycle materials, each Unit must provide at least one container/trashcan with cover that is secure to preclude trash/recycle materials from spilling in the event container/trashcan falls over. Containers and trashcans must be kept in the garage at all times.

C. All garbage must be placed in plastic bags, fastened at the top and then placed into a secured trashcan(s) in accordance with B above. No trash may be placed curbside in plastic or paper bags.

D. Trashcans with secured covers may be placed curbside after 7:00 p.m. on the evening prior to collections. The empty trashcans should be returned to the garage as soon as possible on the day of collection.

E. Recyclables may be placed curbside after 7:00 p.m. on the evening prior to collections. Metal, glass, plastic and newspapers are to be commingled in a secured covered container in compliance with Township rules. Milk crate or similar containers without secured covers are prohibited. Cardboard boxes are considered recyclables and are not garbage materials.

F. Bulk trash, other than as noted in paragraph"G" below is picked upon on Thursdays. No bulk trash shall be placed in plastic or other bags but shall be stacked, bundled and place curbside next to the trash container.

G. For large items, i.e. refrigerators, stoves, carpeting, furniture etc., unit owners must call the current rubbish collector for pick-up of these items on a designated date. The large items may not be put curbside until after 7:00 p.m. the evening prior to collection.

H. No recyclables, any items referenced in "F andG" above, or any other trash may be placed on grass areas.

I. No dumpsters or similar containers for accumulating garbage or debris are permitted on the streets, driveways or grass areas.

J. Revere Court residents must place their household trash only (as defined by Montville Township regulations) in the dumpsters provided. There is no individualcurbside pick-up. Recyclable materials are to be placed in cans at the dumpster site(s) on the appropriate pick-up dates. Only Revere Court residents may use Revere Court dumpsters.

K. If the Township of Montville revises its trash and/or recyclable regulations, these regulations will be deemed to be amended to be consistent with the regulations of the Township.


A. All Unit Owners are members of the Longview at Montville Association, Inc.

B. Other than vent devices, the primary purpose of which is to prevent intrusion into the vent by animals, dryer vents may not be obstructed by any covering or material to deflect the exhaust air from the dryer. Vents may not be directed toward another unit.

C. Garage doors shall be closed at all times when not in use.

D. Proper vehicular speed limit must be observed. The speed limit for all streets within the community is 20 m.p.h.

E. No exterior structural changes can be made to any unit without the express written consent of the Board of Trustees.

F. Deck areas and/or patio areas may not be used for storage of any kind, including, but not limited to bicycles, exercise equipments, toys, storage sheds, sandboxes and combustible equipment.

G. Patio furniture shall be permitted on the following Limited Common Elements only; Front Porch, Rear Patio, Rear & Side Decks. All furniture shall not exceed a height of 42 inches and may not block any means of egress/ingress. Standard patio umbrellas shall not be subject to the 42" height restriction, and shall not block any means of egress/ingress.

H. LP gas barbeque grills, charcoal grills, outdoor fireplaces and other open flame cooking or heating devices are prohibited (storage or use) in the following locations;

1. On any porch or balcony or any other portion of a building;

2. Within any room or space of a building;

3. Within 5 feet of any combustible exterior wall or on a combustible surface such as a wood deck;

4. Within 5 feet, vertically or horizontally, of any opening in a wall;

5. Under any building overhang;

6. In any garage.

The above shall also apply to any LP gas heating device.

I. Cooking is allowed on rear decks and patiosonly. Exception-cooking is permitted inthe front courtyard patio of Avon, Devonshire, and Essex units, other than for parties.

J. No laundry or other items may be hung outside of the Unit.

K. Carriages, playpens, bicycles, sports equipment, and the like, may not be left out at night on any Common Element or Limited Common Element, including, without limitation, hallways, patios decks, stoops, walkways, lawn areas or driveways.

L. Shade umbrellas may be used on rear decks and patios, as well as on the front courtyard patio. Umbrellas should comport to the colors of the unit and shall not contain markings such as sport logos, advertisements, and the like. Awnings shall be allowed on rear decks and patios, as well as on the front courtyard patio provided they meet the Association's Guidelines contained in the "Awning Packet" available in the Management Office. No installation of an awning is allowed unless approval has been granted by the Association. Unit Owners wishing to install an awning must submit a Modification Form available through the Management Office for approval prior to any installation.

M. Putting or chipping golf balls on Common Elements is prohibited.

N. For the safety of our Longview residents and their guests, the following activities are prohibited on all sidewalks and any Common Element area located within 25 feet of an Owner's unit: powered scooters, putting or hitting of golf balls, and the playing of stickball, baseball and any other hard balls capable of causing personal injury or damage to property.

O. No marking of any kind is to be made on Common Elements in the community. Only temporary markings are permitted on Limited Common Element areas and shall be cleaned off by sundown of the same day.

P. Firewood may not be stored on any Common Element. Firewood may be stored off the ground with the aid of an approved log holder on the following Limited Common Elements: Decks, patios and front porches. Wood may not be stored against the side of the building/garage.

Q. Without submitting a modification application to the Association, Unit Owners have the option to add annual plants only to the landscape beds immediately adjacent to their unit. Since these areas are Common Elements, the Board of Trustees retains the right to remove any additions at the owner's expense if the modification is considered undesirable. The Association is not responsible for damage to annuals or organic plant material as a result of the Association’s landscape maintenance programs.

R. Plants, perennial flowers and any other type of planting must first receive written approval from the Association following submission of a Landscape Modification Request Form. The Unit Owner must water any plants they or their Contractor install pursuant to any APPROVED Modification Request. Said plantings thereafter will be maintained by the Association. Should any planted item not survive or be destroyed by the Landscape vendor, replacement as currently exists with other plantings, is under the jurisdiction of the Association’s House & Grounds Committee, which is under no obligation to replace any item in a “like for like” manner.

S. Potted floral displays may be placed on Limited Common Elements provided they are in containers of sufficient size and weight to prohibit falling. They may not impose asafety hazard; block an ingress/egress; or, obstruct another resident's views. The type of container shall also comport withthe color of the Condominium building. No containers may be placed in the landscape beds. Planters of any size are prohibited on deck rails.

T. No Unit Owner (or tenant) shall have the right to engage contractors to perform services on the Common Elements.

U. Nothing may be added to, or suspended from the exterior of any unit except the following items: screen door(s), door knocker(s) and a kick plate. A written Modification Agreement must be submitted for approval prior to installation.

V. No holiday lighting is permitted to be installed on any part of the building, windows, deck, patio, nor any landscape plantings along the walkway or anywhere around the exterior of the unit. However, an Owner may hang holiday wreaths on the unit front entrance door(s), around or hanging from the exterior garage light(s), provided the decoration is less than 2 feet square or 2 feet in diameter. However, secured free-standing decorations with or without lights are permitted on the front porch, providing the height shall not exceed 4 feet. All holiday decorations shall be allowed from Thanksgiving and removed by January 15th.

W. Any resident who is one (1) month or more in arrears in the payment of fines, assessments, monthly maintenance, attorney or late fees will NOT be permitted to use the Association Facilities, i.e. clubhouse, tennis courts, pool, etc., until such time that any arrears are satisfied. A lien may be filed on the unit for these amounts.

X. No bird houses/baths and/or feeders are permitted anywhere in the Community.

Y. Common Element areas may not be used for parties, erecting tents or portable tables and chairs. Only the clubhouse and Limited Common Elements may be used. However, a block party, organized by the Association may utilize the Common Elements for this purpose with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Portions of a street may be blocked after approval is received and the Montville Township Police are notified in advance.

Z. No notices, advertisement, posters, flyers or postings may be attached to mailboxes, light poles, street signs, the Clubhouse sign or any other unauthorized component on the Common Element.

AA. Gasoline or Liquid Propane powered generators for electricity may not be stored or used (1) inside a townhouse (including the garage) or apartment unit, or (2) on the Association's Common Elements or Limited Common Elements.

BB. The only generator permitted to provide electricity is one that utilizes a permanent natural gas hook-up, installed by a NJ State Licensed Plumber and/or Electrician. A written Modification Application must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval prior to installation.


A. Badges will be required for entry for the pool area.

B. Each household will be assigned six (6) badges for use by either the resident or their guests. Additional badges will be made available upon approval of the Board.

C. The badges will be pre-numbered and registered in the Management Office.

D. The homeowner will be responsible for any acts or infractions for anyone using the registered badge.

E. The replacement of a lost or stolen badge can be obtained from the Management Office for a fee.



Each Unit Owner shall ensure that all his or her guests/visitors, invitees, lessees or contractors abide by all of the Rules. Any person residing in a Unit for more that 30 days in any 90 day period is not considered a guest/visitor and is subject to compliance with all of the above Rules. The Association maintains the right to issue a cease and desist request to a Unit Owner, his or her guests, invitees, lessees or contractors whose actions are inconsistent with any of the above Rules and Regulations.

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